Meta Trends

The world can be exciting but scary as the way we live changes and has changed in just the last 10 years. Peter Diamandis, co founder of Singularity University, tells us why it’s changing even faster than before.

One meta trend he sees is increasing abundance. Products and services are cheaper and more available to everyone. The proportion of the world’s population living in extreme poverty is the lowest it’s ever been. And while goods are increasing, the costs of day-to-day things such as food, energy, communication, and transportation are trending down.

Another meta trend is people everywhere are becoming connected as 4 billion more people are brought online by 2025 all connected at gigabit speeds, all wanting to create, discover and invent. And with the meta trend of capital abundance there is more capital to invest in the newly generated ideas. Venture capital funding globally increased to total of 207 billion dollars in 2018, up from 186 billion dollars the year before.

Increasing human intelligence is another meta trend. Having data on everything will lead to something called just in time education where 5G speed combined with AI and augmented reality will allow you to learn something the moment you need it. Then there’s the crazy idea but actually predicted as reality that brain computer interfaces will allow us to connect our brains to the cloud where we will have any and all information available, at anytime.

A final converging meta trend is increasing human longevity. Even as our lifespan has doubled in the last 100 years, the expectation is to double it again. Using technologies such as CRISPR, stem cell therapy, genomic sequencing, 3D printed organs and AI digitized detection of diseases before they develop, it’s likely in the future people will live to 140.

With the negative news cycle wanting our eyes to be focused on their advertisers, the watchword is if it bleeds, it leads. Instead what is less obvious and what we need to understand with data is, the world is quietly getting better.

From Short and Sweet AI, I’m Dr. Peper.


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