Exponential Technology

At Singularity University’s 2019 Global Summit, Peter Diamandis, one of the co founders, captivated the audience with his discussion of exponential technologies that have already been set in motion creating something called meta trends. A meta trend has been described as a trend that runs deeper and powers more specific trends, like a tidal wave that drives waves to the shore.

And an exponential technology is when the technology’s power or speed doubles each year and/or the cost drops by half. Exponential technologies are those that are rapidly accelerating and shaping major industries and all aspects of our lives, and that idea is actually the subtitle of Diamandis’ latest book, to be released in January 2020. It’s called The Future is Faster than You Think.

He describes many of the meta trends as unstoppable and even somewhat predictable. There are 2 things driving these trends to converge here and now. One is quantum computing which allows all the trends to get strong because of cheaper, faster computing power starting with the move to 5G networks. And the second is there is an acceleration of the acceleration. The rate at which technology is getting faster is itself getting faster. More people are connected than ever before with access to more and more information and the technology they’re using is cheaper than ever before.

So what are the meta trends?

  1. Accelerating technology which is cheaper and available to everyone
  2. Increasing global abundance
  3. Everyone, everywhere is connected at gigabit speeds
  4. Everything, everywhere is connected
  5. You can know anything, anywhere, anytime
  6. Autonomous personalized transport which is fast and cheap
  7. Increasing human intelligence w/ AI support and brain computer interfaces
  8. Increasing human longevity
  9. Capital abundance with access to capital everywhere
  10. Globally abundant, cheap, renewable energy

I’ll discuss some of these details in the next episode but I want to leave you with this: people have no idea how fast the world is changing.

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