Hi, I’m Katie Peper, reader, writer, physician, and podcaster who is greatly intrigued by AI, Storytelling, Futurist Medicine, Innovation, Primary Care, Online Gaming, Science Fiction, some Ethical issues, and Cavalier spaniels.

I am drawn to complicated subjects, wrestling with them until I have an understanding I can explain to others. I love that expression, it’s not rocket science, because yeah, sometimes it is. And using my experience teaching medicine, I try to discuss the information in lively episodes, short enough to easily understand, building on what people might already know. For my deep dive into artificial intelligence, I have created short podcasts I call flashes in a show called Short (3 minutes) and Sweet (like a Dr. Pepper) AI. In Short and Sweet AI, I tackle major areas of artificial intelligence from basic concepts to how AI is being used for creativity, in medicine, and daily life, as well as fears about the rise of the machines. You can download the flashes here or subscribe to my show on iTunes and Google play.

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