What does it take to be the godfather of AI? And, how does someone come to obtain such a legendary title?

In this episode of Short and Sweet AI, I talk about Geoffrey Hinton, a neuroscientist, computer scientist, and the man Google hired to make AI a reality. In many ways, we have Geoffrey Hinton to thank for developing modern AI and deep learning. It is thanks to him that deep learning has become mainstream in the field of artificial intelligence. 

So, how did Geoffrey Hinton rise to become the godfather of AI? Watch this video to find out! 

In this episode find out: 

  • How Geoffrey Hinton became the godfather of AI
  • Why Geoffrey Hinton believes machines need to think the way humans do
  • Understanding how deep neural networks replicate how the brain processes information
  • How deep learning became mainstream after 30 years in the wilderness
  • How deep learning became AI’s “lunatic core”

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