Algorithms, neural networks, data … it involves machines and it’s deep.

#4 Are Machine learning and Deep Learning the same as AI? transcript

Just when I thought I was beginning to understand AI, a friend asked me a question I struggled to answer. He asked me if machine learning and deep learning are the same thing as AI. Here’s my explanation that I couldn’t give to him then but that I can share with you now.

Think of AI, machine learning, and deep learning as circles within each other. AI is the biggest circle and then there’s a little smaller circle that is machine learning and within that is another circle that is deep learning.

So AI uses something called algorithms which are essentially a set of instructions of computer code that tell a computer what steps to follow to solve a problem or reach a goal. In machine learning computers take the data you’ve give them and learn from it and make decisions based on that learning. They do this by using something called an artificial neural network that is inspired by how the human brain works. The algorithms behave as though they are interconnected brain cells creating these artificial neural networks which process information the way the brain does. We know from cognitive scientists that the brain is arranged in different layers to process different pieces of information. The information comes into the brain and each level or layer of neurons processes the information, provides insight and passes it on to the next more senior level. That’s how the human brain learns and that mechanism is how these artificial neural networks work. They take the information, learn from it and pass on to the next, more senior level which processes it further and adds to the learning.

So the machines learn from the data you give them and that’s called machine learning. The artificial neural networks are connected one layer to the other and when you have many layers of these neural networks several layers deep that is what is called deep learning. For example Google uses a 30 layered artificial neural network to power Google photos and Facebook has what it calls its DeepFace algorithm which uses deep artificial neural networks to recognize faces with 97% accuracy.

I love it when people ask me questions that I can’t explain because when I figure it out I can share the explanations with you. From short and sweet AI, I’m Dr Peper.



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